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Lava Lamps

Disco Ball

Jumping Beans

The Smiley Face

CB Radios

Mood Rings

Pet Rocks

Panasonic 8-Track

8 Track Tapes

Blacklite Poster
Butterfly Chair
Sea Monkeys

Rec Room - Nice Paneling!

The Shampoos
Bubble Yum & Fruit Stripe Gum
70s Bubble Gum
X-Ray Glasses

tiger beat magazine
Tiger Beat

Magic Rocks

Pop Rocks

-THE- Poster

Magic 8 Ball

Paper Dolls
electric lighter
Donut Phone

Rock'em Sock'em Robots


Drinking Bird

Lawn Jarts

Panapet Radio

Ronco Record-Vac

Pocket Fisherman

Tube Sox
Platform Shoes


Foster Grants

Leisure Suit

Daisy Dukes
Bell Bottoms
Polyester YUM!
The Afro
Puka Shells


W.C. Fritos

Wacky Packages

David Cassidy

Shaun Cassidy

Leif Garrett

Bobby Sherman

Kristy McNichol

Lynda Carter
Loni Anderson
Farrah Fawcett
The Custom Van!
What the coolest cats drove. Complete with carpet, couches, curtains, etc.
I finally got one myself and working to fix it up.
Ford Pinto
What noone drove long, they blew up!

AMC Gremlin
No idea what they were thinking.

Pontiac Trans Am
What cool people drove
Volkswagen Thing
Yes, A Thing.
AMC Pacer
Gone but not forgotten!
Chevrolet El Camino
I haven't made up my mind about this one yet.

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